Why join? The Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource for individuals and companies who want to enhance their business operations and professional network through open cooperation with leading players in both markets. It brings opportunities for increased cultural understanding, business growth, and economic and political insight, as well as targeted advocacy for transparent trade legislation, and enhanced business climate.

Who should join? Membership categories include:

  • American companies with operations in Moldova, or seeking opportunities to expand into emerging markets
  • Moldovan companies exporting to, or doing business in the United States
  • Moldovan companies
  • Banks, hotels, insurance companies, accounting firms, lawyers and other professional services whose product and service offerings are relevant to expatriates, diaspora, and businesses who are members.

MACC™ Activities:

Advocacy for our Members
The MACC™ represents the interests of the membership in both Washington and Chisinau. The MACC™ assists in addressing and resolving general problems that affect U.S. business interests through its knowledge of the culture and bureaucracy, and through its extensive network of contacts.

Marketing and Public Relations
The MACC™ is active in the marketing and promotion of marketplace opportunities and business development through media campaigns, market research, and identification of potential business partners and prospects. Members can also take advantage of MACC™ Customized Member Services for special assistance.

Trade Mission and Special Programs
The MACC™ conducts industry-specific trade mission to Moldova to give interested companies the opportunity to understand the legal and commercial framework in Moldova, as well as to make deals with interested Moldovan companies.

Reports and Updates
The MACC™ keeps members informed on economic, business, legal and political development of potential concern via reports and updates. MACC™ members have the opportunity to contribute issue analyses and opinions through special member newsletters and forum.

Conferences, Meeting and Special Events
The MACC™ holds periodic meetings to encourage networking, information sharing, joint venturing and issue analysis. We sponsor functions to brief members on developments in Moldova, to meet Moldovan officials, to address legal and economic issues and to enable membership networking. The MACC™ has provided opportunities at its functions for its members to meet the President of Moldova, the Prime Minister and other visiting ministers, leaders of the opposition and leaders of Moldovan business. Corporate Council members are afforded small private sessions with such individuals.

Customized Assistance to Members
The MACC™ assists members in dealing with Moldovan officials, business people and economic entities. Given the ever changing legislative, economic and political climate, the MACC™ can assist in gathering market intelligence and needed business data. The MACC™ also helps overcome difficulties in developing profitable ventures in Moldova. The MACC™ maintains close relations with officials in Chisinau to assist members while in Moldova. and trade.


The MACC maintains chapters in the following cities: New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and Cleveland.

How to join?

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