The Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce™ (MACC™) was created in 1993 as a non-profit corporation to facilitate opportunity development, networking, information exchanges and cooperation between U.S. and Moldovan businesses.

Anyone who joins the MACC is automatically a member of our sister organization – the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce (RACC) — and vice versa — thereby providing membership in two separate chambers of commerce for the price of one!  Please visit the RACC™ at www.racc.ro.

The MACC™ conducts conferences, seminars, luncheons, and special events for member networking and to facilitate business development. MACC™ updates keep members informed of the latest issues affecting their interests in the Moldovan-American marketplace. The chamber also offers direct assistance to members in achieving their objectives in Moldova and the United States.


The goal of the Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce (MACC) is to facilitate collaboration that enhances, a thriving business community, representing and protecting its members’ interests in economic relations between the United States and the Republic of Moldova.

The MACC helps foreign companies find business partners in the Republic of Moldova, and provides access information about the economic, political, and investment situation on the Moldovan market to businesses in the US. The  MACC also helps Moldovan businesses navigate opportunities for import/export growth on the American market by providing advice, networking, and valuable information regarding economic and business conditions.


MACC™ membership consists of individuals, companies, and organizations investing in or trading with Moldova. Members also include individuals and organizations with an interest in Moldovan social and cultural development, and the promotion of exchanges between the two nations.  Click here to see membership levels and information on how to join.


The MACC is headquartered in Washington, DC area at:

1101 King Street, Suite 360, Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: +1 202-618-3581

Inquiries can be sent to:

Mark A. Meyer, National Chairman


Veaceslav Pituscan, Deputy National Chair

The MACC™ maintains chapters in Washington, DC, New York City, Cleveland, San Francisco and Philadelphia.